Chairman’s Retirement

At our next meeting, on Thursday 6th May, our Chairman will step down from his duties, and not stand for re-election.

John Eden has served as a Parish Councillor since 1981, and as Chairman for the past eleven years. During the latter part of 2003 and the early part of this year, John has been unwell, and has had a pace-maker fitted. He, quite naturally, feels that it is time to hand-over to another Member, although he will still be a very active, and jovial, Member of the Council. Other Members have already expressed their thanks to John, for his excellent service and leadership, almost to the extent of becoming an ‘institution’ (with which they have been very happy). In saying thanks to John, we must also say how relieved we are that he has returned to good health.

Children’s Playground

In 1962, the Council was supposed to have executed a Deed of Trust, for the Playground (which is a Registered Charity), but this somehow got over-looked. However, we have now caught up!

The “Action for Silverdale Children” group has finalised their preferred plan for a new playground, and their proposals have been approved by the Parish Council. Members also praised their efforts, and commended the plan.

Now comes the hard work….money.

The Council has already re-furbished the one swing set, which the Group wishes to retain, and we have paid for the “Wetpour” impact-absorbing surface, at a cost of £2,786.08. We have also managed to dedicate another £8,000 towards the cost of the work required. That sounds a lot, but it is very small, when compared with the funds required. We will do all we can to assist the work of the Group, in the hope that, before too long, we can have a new, exciting and safe playground, which will be a joy to our children, and their parents.

“Whinney Fold”

The name might not be a familiar one, but the site will be well known to many residents. It is the name which has been adopted for the Affordable Housing Units, to be built behind Know Hill Farm, in Shore Road.

The Council has taken steps to ensure that priority is given to those residents of Silverdale who qualify (on the points system). If you, or anyone you know, feels that you/they meet the criteria, please contact the Two Castles Housing Association.

The A.O.N.B.

The Arnside / Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Unit has now published its statutory Management Plan, and printed copies are available from their office at The Old Station Building, Arnside.

This Parish Council was always very keen to support the work of the unit, during its former days as the Countryside Management Service, and wishes to continue its support, in the Unit’s enlarged role. It must be said, however, that the new constitution has caused some problems, relating to the statutory duties of the Council. However, it looks as though the difficulties have now been ironed-out, and so we look forward to maintaining our good relationship, as we all do our bit to maintain this beautiful area.

Your Councillors

If you feel the need, or desire, to contact any of our Councillors, please feel free to telephone any of them. Their names and telephone numbers (all preceded by 01524) are:

Chairman John Eden 701678
Vice Chairman Peter Roberts 702315
John Burrow 702784
Bernard Fryer 701734
Arthur Graves 701284
June Greenwell 701610
Ralph Henderson 761594
Tony Houghton 701416