Parish Lengthswoman / Parish Contractor

It was with some regret that Members concluded that the Parish Lengthsman Scheme (Parish Lengthswoman, in our case) was not providing the level of service which we had expected, and therefore this Council decided to withdraw.

We advertised for a ‘Parish Contractor’, and got several responses, but decided that it would be necessary to divide the work. The duties are now split between the following people:

John Burrow – Mowing the grass at St.John’s Avenue.

Arthur Graves – Mowing the grass, cutting the hedge, and strimming around the playground equipment, at the Playing Field.

Phil Hargreaves – one day per month of requested work around the village, other than that detailed above. Phil also undertakes the annual maintenance of the 36 public seats owned by the Parish Council.

We now feel that we have a good team and, once they catch up on work that has been ‘missed’, we should find that our village is well-maintained (well, in matters which concern the Parish Council!).

Children’s Playground

In May, of this year, we made a formal application for a grant, under the Rural Enterprise Scheme, and we know that this is being processed. We have reason to think that we should receive a decision in early September. Meanwhile, we can do little more than wait, as we are prohibited from starting the work. If all goes according to plan, we should see an exciting new playground ‘evolving’ during 2005.

Planning Applications

There have been 20 Planning Applications since our previous Newsletter, some of which have encountered objections from this Council. There have been two which merit particular mention:

Hazelwood Hall, Hollins Lane. Members were very pleased to be able to withdraw previous objections, as the main causes for concern have now been removed. Until recently, we were told that there must be a new access, and a new roadway cutting right through the Mawson gardens. Members were in no way convinced of this “necessity” and made strong representations for the existing access to be upgraded. For once, it appears that our comments have held sway, because the new access road way has been abandoned the existing access is to be upgraded. Members had also been concerned that the new car park was to be located partly on limestone pavement, and in a very conspicuous position. This concern has also been addressed, although the solution involves the demolition of the former Chapel. However, the plans should see the restoration of a fine building and gardens, with the creation of 22 holiday homes.

Waterslack Garden Centre. The ownership of the site has changed, and the new proprietor has some exciting proposals. Unfortunately, some elements are causing concern, and the Council has found it necessary to raise some objections. Nevertheless, it is hoped that satisfactory solutions will be found, so that this becomes a valuable asset for our community.
Your Councillors

If you feel the need, or desire, to contact any of our Councillors, please feel free to telephone any of them. Their names and telephone numbers (all preceded by 01524) are:

Chairman Peter Roberts 702315
Vice Chairman Tony Houghton 701416
John Burrow 702784
John Eden 701678
Bernard Fryer 701734
Arthur Graves 701284
June Greenwell 701610
Ralph Henderson 761594