The results below are from The Place-Based Carbon Calculator. They show that Silverdale has a high rate of CO2 emissions, outstripping individuals living in Lancaster City and exceeds even the UK average. The PBCC estimates the average carbon footprint per person for each LSOA in England. LSOAs are small statistical areas with a population of about 1,500 – 3,000. The tool takes a consumption-based approach to carbon footprints, this means that the emissions are counted by the consumer of a good or service not the producer. For example, if you buy a new phone made in China, the emissions from making that phone will be produced in China but will count towards your carbon footprint in England as you are the consumer.

Overall Carbon Footprint – Silverdale

Name Grade kgCO2e per person
Total 9830
Electricity 687
Gas 1600
Other Heating 206
Car Driving 1590
Van Driving 238
Flights 1660
Consumption of goods and services 3810


For detailed information about CO2 emmissions within Silverdale, you can review data from the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Impact: