December Newsletter

Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD)
There are CPADs at Holgate’s caravan park, at Silverdale Golf Club and outside the Gaskell Hall. We are still looking for 2 more suitable sites for CPADs with access to an electricity supply (the estimated electricity running costs are c£2 pa). Suggested sites from members of the public are welcome.

Emergency Plan
Councillor Sandiford has taken the lead on this and the equipment is in place at the Gaskell Hall. Councillors Bennett and Houghton have keys to access the emergency plan equipment and Councillor Bennett is speaking with Councillor Sandiford about the Emergency plan procedure.

Speed Indicator Devices (SpIDs)
We have borrowed 2 Speed Indicator Devices from Lancashire Constabulary, one of which records the time and speed of passing vehicles. Councillor Bennett may be able to make a temporary bracket for one with a view to evaluating its usefulness over a few days. Councillors Bennett and Houghton are researching a suitable location and we will discuss options regarding a more permanent location based on the usability of the SpID and data collected.

Area Information Boards
In February Mrs Barbara Henneberry of the AONB came to talk to us about the Area Information Boards that are being produced for the public in the area. A grant for £100 (from the Bittern Countryside Community Interest Company) is available towards the cost of erecting the information boards. The boards can include whatever information we think appropriate, together with a map, we would, however, prefer to delay finalising the information until the North West Coastal Access route and signage is known.

Annual Parish Meeting
At our Annual Parish Meeting in March Mr Dai Perry, Coastal Access Lead Adviser, and Ms Angela Harker, Coastal Access Adviser, Cumbria Area team, Natural England gave a presentation on the North West Coastal Path. They explained that the stretch of coastline along Morecambe Bay is challenging and complex in terms of coastal access as the stretch includes Sites of Special Scientific Interest, significant bird and wildlife habitats, salt marsh, the railway and areas with pre-existing rights such as those with regards to cockling and turf digging.
Ms Janet Thomas, Operational Library Manager (Lancashire County Council) also gave a report – Silverdale library re-opened in November last year and is open for 16 hours a week including Saturday mornings. In January the library had 809 visitors and in February it had 673 – this is on target (the total number of visitors in 2016 was 5,590). The library has more items in stock now than it had before its closure. Ms Thomas left some information about the short “Learn My Way” online modules whereby people can learn online skills to meet their requirements with 1:1 support from library staff, Lancashire Adult Learning and volunteers and suggested that anyone wishing to volunteer give their name and email address to the Silverdale Librarian.

We accepted the one tender which was submitted for cleaning the public toilets and weekly replenishment of the supplies of dog waste bags (from 1st April 2018) – this was from Mr Paul Williams for £2,760.
We accepted Mr Tim Lambert’s tender for Parish Contractor work (£3,600 pa), Mr David Wain’s tender for grass cutting at St. John’s Avenue and Woodwell (£540 pa) and Envirocare’s tender for the playground grounds maintenance (£3,120 + VAT pa). All took effect from 18th May.
We also accepted Mr Steve Lamb’s tender for maintenance of the website (£150 pa) from 1st June 2018.

Annual Parish Council Meeting
Councillor Bennett resigned as Chairman at our Annual Parish Council Meeting in May. We elected Councillor Bond as Chairman and Councillor Houghton was elected as Vice-Chairman.

Direction Signs
We are in the process of replacing 5 historic directional signs in the village. Ms Janice McGloine has offered to display the old signs at the Wolf House Gallery.

Parish Council Notice Board
You may have noticed that we have a new notice board outside the Gaskell Hall – it is larger so will meet our needs better. The notice board is free standing and double-sided and we share it with the Gaskell Hall.

New Members
In July Mrs Shirley Mason resigned as a Parish Councillor due to ill health and in August Mr Paul Williams resigned. In both cases, following the display of vacancy notices for the required time there had not been enough public interest in holding an election so we proposed to co-opt a new Member. Four residents put themselves forward and we agreed to co-opt Mr Stephen Wales and Mrs June Greenwell.

Lancaster City Council have suggested supplying some bigger bins in locations where bins fill up quickly, such as the Shore and outside the Gaskell Hall, and replacing shabby bins in the village centre by swapping them with smarter bins from remoter areas of the village or providing new bins. Some bins have now been replaced, but we are waiting for more!

Delivery Waiting Restrictions outside the Co-operative store
The Co-operative store are asking for a waiting restriction from around 6am until 10am to be put in place in order that their delivery vehicles can park outside the store during that period and unload; we are pressing Lancashire County Council for a decision on this.

We take safety issues seriously and have a comprehensive safety regime – RoSPA are asked to carry out an inspection of the playground every 5 years, Lancaster City Council carry out a quarterly inspection and the parish contractor (Mr Lambert) carries out a weekly inspection – a written report is provided after every inspection.

Healthy Villages
We recently held some public meetings about the ‘Healthy Villages’ initiative which were very well attended. It has been decided to take forward 6 projects: communication, transport, the promotion of clubs and societies, digital literacy and combatting isolation. Councillor Bond and Dr Andy Knox will work with a representative from each group to follow up on the ideas and issues that have been raised. We also gave a s137 grant of £200 towards software and start-up costs for the re-introduction of the Silverdale e-newsletter (Silverdale Hotel have contributed £200 as well) – it is felt that having the newsletter will contribute to a ‘Healthy Village’ as it is a way of keeping villagers informed and in touch with community events etc. Those wishing to subscribe to the newsletter and receive emails listing upcoming events should register at silverdale.events/newsletter-subscription .

PC 3573 Robert Barnsley is now the Police Constable for Silverdale – he and 2 PCSOs cover the Upper Lune Valley area.
The issue of vehicles being parked on the pavement has been raised – the police’s advice on this is for the public to take photographs of such incidences and send them to the police.

First World War Armistice Commemorations
We joined in the National Beacons Initiative on 11th November as a part of the WW1 Armistice commemoration – the National Trust gave permission for a beacon near the “Pepperpot”. We also bought a galvanised metal bench, designed and manufactured to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, for the War Memorial Gardens.

Budget and Precept for 2019/20
At our meeting this month we examined the draft budget. We refined the budget to take account of the cost of removing the existing paintwork, priming and repainting the clock pillar which is likely to be c.£1K and to increase the budget for works to benches to £1K and have set the precept at £33,961 (the precept for 2018/19 was £34,780).

Deputy Clerk
Mrs Sue Hayward resigned as Deputy Clerk this month. Mrs Gill Ribbons has been appointed as her replacement.

Advance Notice of Parish Council Election!
Please note that all the Parish Councillor positions will be up for re-selection in May 2019 – this is an opportunity for any resident on the electoral register to offer themselves for election if they wish (nominations must be submitted by March/ April 2019)!