November Newsletter


Unfortunately, we have had to change our plans regarding installing a Community Public Access Defibrillator outside the Bowling Club as it is not possible to arrange an electricity supply via the streetlight. We considered housing a defibrillator in the Elmslack/ Cove Road (disused) phone box, but it would be very costly to have a supply connected there. The Silverdale First Responders’ Group has disbanded and have donated their funds to the parish council for the purchase of defibrillators when we find a suitable location for them.

Lancaster City Councillor Margaret Pattison

Lancaster City Councillor, Margaret Pattison, came to speak to us at our July meeting. Councillor Pattison explained that she is the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Markets, Voluntary Sector, Older People and Rural Affairs, she is also a Morecambe Town Councillor and a Lancashire County Councillor where she is a member of the Health Scrutiny Committee. Councillor Pattison gave an account of her work and spoke about her cabinet portfolios – she explained that, whilst she is not on Lancaster CC’s Planning Committee, she is involved in planning matters through her role as Cabinet Member with responsibility for Rural Affairs.

Bus Service

Councillor Bennett monitored the bus service for a period recently and found that, during that time the bus kept to the timetable quite accurately and consistently. He advised that the usage of the bus is very low – an average of 1.7 people per trip – and the viability of the service continuing is compromised. The service is funded until April 2018, but to help ensure continuation of the service, residents are encouraged to use it as much as possible.

Six residents have expressed an interest in joining a Bus-User Working Group to start monitoring performance and look at ways of improving and promoting awareness of the bus service.

Emergency Plan

Councillor Sandiford has been keeping us informed about progress with the Emergency Plan. A test of community emergency plans took place in Halton recently. Representatives from Lancaster CC, Lancashire County Council, the police and fire services attended and Councillor Sandiford will incorporate some ideas from the session into the Emergency Plan Procedure for Silverdale. He is looking at ways of publicising the Emergency Plan to residents and asking for volunteers who will be needed to carry out the roles in the Emergency Plan.

Ash Trees Surgery will contact everyone on their register of people in Silverdale whose circumstances may make them vulnerable and ask them if they would elect to be kept on a list to be contacted in the event of an emergency. The Clerk will keep the list which will comply with Data Protection legislation.

Development Plan Document

The DPD has been ‘published’ for a 6-week period – representation can be made, but it is not a consultation period. The next stage is to submit it to the Government Inspector in January/ February 2018.

Speed Indicator Devices (SpIDs)

There is no longer funding in place for SpIDs and any purchase and site survey/fixing would have to be paid for through parish council funds. We have asked PC Massingham to carry out community speed monitoring with a laser device at peak times, such as around 8am when many drivers are leaving the village for work, and to report back when such checks have been carried out. We are also querying why Silverdale does not have a SpID when other villages have them. Councillor Bond, in his capacity as School Governor, has asked Silverdale School to become involved with this issue.


At the September meeting of the Playground Trustees accepted the Parish Council’s proposal to take over responsibility for all ongoing playground inspections, maintenance/ repair and the costs thereof.

Gait Barrow

Mr Glen Swainson, Senior Reserve Manager for Gait Barrows, Roudsea Wood and Mosses National Nature Reserves and Ms Maggie Robinson, Team Leader for South Cumbria came to our meeting this month to talk about Natural England’s (NE) proposal for Hawes Water. The meeting was well attended by members of the public who were able to ask questions and raise their concerns about the proposals.

We felt that a significant issue with regards to the proposals has been the lack of effective advance information to allow the public to understand the plans and to allow comment and interaction to be made in a timely manner. We appreciate that NE are responsible for managing the site in accordance with both the site designations and the applicable legislation and, should the work go ahead we appreciate NE’s commitment to minimise path closures and to try, wherever possible, to reopen paths outside working hours, or provide, where possible, alternative routes within the site. Councillor Williams has been involved in the detail of this matter since the Council became aware of it.