September newsletter

United Utilities Project/ Road Closure at Millhead
Representatives from United Utilities came to our July meeting and spoke about their project to install new pipework and a storm water tank on Warton Road (opposite Midland Terrace, Millhead) – this is to help the sewerage system handle extreme weather conditions. The ground conditions have determined that the new pipework has to be laid in the carriageway along Warton Road and so a section of the road is closed and a traffic diversion route is in place. We are concerned about the route as larger vehicles will have difficulty passing each other on the narrow country roads and we have asked that a one-way system be implemented (as had originally been described by United Utilities).

Bus Service
A revised timetable has been issued which includes an additional stop at The Green. There is a link to the new timetable on our website. This service is heavily subsidised and may be untenable in future years so it is important that we all promote and use the bus service.

Neighbourhood/ Parish Plan
We are thinking of revising this and invite your feedback which will be taken into consideration at our October meeting. A copy of the current Parish Plan is available on our website.

Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN)
There is only one word to describe the achievement made by B4RN in bringing high speed fibre optic to Silverdale – phenomenal! It is expected that St. John’s church will be connected by the end of the month.

Silverdale Library
We are very disappointed with Lancashire County Council’s decision to close our library. We have expressed an interest in taking on the running of the library as a library/ community hub, but need more details on the costs involved and to see templates of volunteer-run libraries from other areas before we can consider this further.

Lancaster City Council has two Dog Control Orders in place – one states that all dog waste must be collected immediately from any land (unless it is privately owned ) and one covers dogs on leads – this Order is ambiguous but, basically, requires that dogs be kept on a lead when on the road in most areas.