March newsletter

AONB (Arnside and Silverdale) Development Plan Document (DPD)
We responded to the AONB Development Plan Document and list of proposed sites – a copy of our response is on our website (listed under ‘contents’).

We continue to consider applications from village organisations for funding under section 137 (Local Government Act 1972) on an ad hoc basis. In the last few months we have donated £411 to St. John’s Parochial Church Council to cover the cost of an oven, hob, sink, tap and microwave; £200 for set up funding for the Friends of Silverdale Station; £100 to the Silverdale Contact Group towards the printing of a village directory; £90 to the Silverdale Field Day Committee to cover the hire of the hall for the children’s Christmas party and £700 to support the work of the AONB.

One tender for the cleaning of the public toilets was submitted and considered at our meeting this month, this was from Mr Paul Williams for £2,710. We accepted Mr Williams’ tender with effect from 1st April.
We have replaced the taps to the basins with non-concussive taps (in order to reduce water usage and avoid taps being left on) and we have repaired the fascia board.

Dog Waste
We have bought some new dispensers for dog waste bags and a supply of corn starch bags which are biodegradable.

Our budget for 2016/17 is £25,051, we have requested a precept of £19,901 (our anticipated income is £5,150).

War Memorial
Mr Rod Ireland put forward a case for including Mr Tyson Edmondson’s name on the War Memorial and so we are adding his name and planting a tree (with a plaque) in his memory.
The Lambert family kindly made a metal frame to help keep the wreaths in place when they are laid on Remembrance Sunday.
In November the Woodland Management Committee reported on the schedule of tree surveys to be carried out at Bankwell, Burton Well Scroggs and Burton Well Lane and noted that a full survey will be carried out every 3 years in all areas. Several trees require attention or felling – we invited tenders and instructed Westmorland Tree Care to carry out the work before the nesting season.

Whinney Fold
Approximately 60 residents attended our meeting this month, mainly to raise the matter of Whinney Fold and the possibility of a residential development for an 18-unit scheme. We have objected to the planning application on the grounds that the proposal constitutes a major development; we have asked for the application to be considered at Planning Committee and have pointed out that Shore Road provides the only means of access to the shore for emergency vehicles.

Speed Indicator Display Sign (SpID)
We were unable to obtain funding for a SpID when we applied last year and have asked PC Barr if he can re-apply this month.

Bus Service
We’ve worked hard to maintain a bus service following a late announcement by Lancashire County Council (Lancs. CC) that funding would be withdrawn to bus services (affecting the Silverdale Shuttle and route 51) from 3rd April. We surveyed villagers and held an extraordinary meeting to discuss this issue. Thanks must go to Councillor Bennett who worked out a revised timetable for one service incorporating the school run, stops to meet the trains at Silverdale Station, around the village and along the route to and from Carnforth. This formed the basis of a joint application with other parish councils to Lancs. CC’s £2m fund which had been set aside for bus services to rural and disadvantaged areas in 2016/17. The new service will operate from 6am to 7pm six days a week with effect from 4th April. Needless to say unless the service is well used we will not be in a strong position to make a case for funding again in 2017/18.

Lancs. CC have cut back the overgrowth along the roadside in some of the worst affected areas – areas still in need of attention include Warton Crag and Waterslack.

Annual Parish Meeting
Mrs Julie Bell, Head of Lancashire Libraries, Museums, Culture and Registrars gave a report at our Annual Parish Meeting. She explained that there will be a reduction in the number of libraries from 74 to 34. The County Council is looking at every building owned by them in order to assess which they would prefer to keep. A list of options will be made available on 16th May when a 12-week consultation period will begin. We will discuss how we should deal with the possibility of Silverdale library closing at our meeting in April.
Mr Bob Cartwright, Secretary of the Westmorland Red Squirrel Group, gave a presentation on the work of the Group. The number of native red squirrels has declined since the 1870s mainly due to the introduction of the grey squirrel, however, it appears that the red squirrel is moving into areas where the grey squirrel has been culled. The public is asked to report sightings of red and grey squirrels online at www.westmorlandredsquirrels.org.uk or by phone: 07836 584201/ 01539 821714.