September Newsletter
Level Crossing
Mr Simon Shipperd came to our July meeting to talk about reducing the risk to level crossings and we put forward our ideas as to how Silverdale’s level crossing and the barrow (station) crossing can be made safer.

Trowbarrow Quarry
The AONB are hoping to meet with the landowners this month regarding access to the quarry.

The Royal, Silverdale and Woodlands Hotels
We applied for the registration of all 3 properties as community assets under the Localism Act, 2011 but they do not qualify as they are all hotels and under the regulations hotels are classed as residences and therefore exempt.
The Royal Hotel
We have made a number of objections to the current planning application – details can be found in the September minutes.

Jenny Brown’s Point
Ms Louise Martin, Cultural Heritage Officer for Headlands to Headspace (Morecambe Bay Partnership), spoke at or September meeting about the 5-year project and plans to include Jenny Brown’s Point. Attempts will be made to investigate the use of the chimney by targeted excavation and to improve virtual access with images on the web and possibly information panels at the site.

This remains an issue – we have bought some traffic cones to be used in places where inconsiderate parking is a problem particularly at busy times.

Silverdale History Weekend
We funded the history weekend which was held on 27th and 28th September.

Christmas Trees
We have agreed to pay for the supply and fitting of Christmas trees, lights and brackets to various shops etc along Emesgate Lane – the property owners have kindly said that they’ll have a tree and will supply and pay for the electricity for the lights.

Please find contact details below for our Councillors:
Chairman Terry Bond 01524 702693
Vice Chairman Tony Houghton 01524 701416
Harriet Bradfield harriet.bradfield@hotmail.co.uk
Shirley Mason 01524 701162
Keith Palmer 01524 702039/ 07969658547
Nigel Ribbons 07710044053
Paul Williams 01524 701513
Angela Woods 01524 701968
The Clerk, Denise Challenor, can be contacted on: 01524 761824 or clerk.silverdale@gmail.com