Children’s Playground

All the construction work for the three phases has been completed. The children of the area have been introduced to our new play equipment, and it is proving to be very popular.

The formal opening ceremony will be delayed until next Spring, because there is a fabulous landscaping scheme being implemented at the moment, and we want to let the area recover, before we display it to visitors.

We are indebted to Mr Martin Holgate for arranging for this very imaginative scheme, and for agreeing to put up the cost. The Parish Council hopes to be able to contribute to the cost, but that will largely depend on the availability of funds.

We are also indebted to Brent Gleave, who has offered to build the entrance wall, Bob Walker and Mal Smith who will lay the entrance paving stones, and Peter Wilson who will re-paint the gates, after they have been treated. All have offered their services FREE OF CHARGE. It is hoped that other tradesmen will follow their example.

And let us not forget to mention the hard work and dedication of that band of mums (and dads, etc) who formed the Action for Silverdale Children Trust. Without their determination we wouldn’t have a new playground at all….. thank you!

Library extension

We have been informed that the Library Service is to provide a new side entrance, for disabled persons, in the current year. There are however, structural problems with an outside wall and these will have to be overcome, before the new main entrance can be constructed. This latter work is planned for 2005 to 2006. This should result in a small extension and make the building more usable for everyone.

Silverdale Shuttle Bus

Lancashire County Council is proposing to axe those services for which it is having to pay an excessive subsidy. There are guidelines and the “Silverdale Shuttle” is failing to reach these, particularly in the evenings. If the cuts go ahead, then the service will be discontinued from 7.30pm each evening. Your Parish Council has made strong representations to retain the service, and will continue to do so. The idea of a train-user having to walk from the Station to the Village, during a dark evening, doesn’t bear thinking about ! Our MP, Geraldine Smith, has written to say that she will do everything she can to help our campaign. In the meantime “use it or lose it”.

“Quality Parish” Application

We have now applied for accreditation as a “Quality Parish” and we understand that our application will be assessed early in November. If we are accepted, you will here about it. If we are unsuccessful, we’ll just re-submit once we have ironed-out the problems… then we’ll tell you more.

Your Councillors

If you feel the need, or desire, to contact any of our Councillors, please feel free to telephone any of them. Their names and telephone numbers (all preceded by 01524) are:

Chairman Peter Roberts 702315
Vice Chairman Tony Houghton 701416
John Burrow 702784
John Eden 701678
Bernard Fryer 701734
Arthur Graves 701284
June Greenwell 701610
Ralph Henderson 761594
Or, the Clerk, Peter Challenor, on:

01524-761824, or clerk@silverdale-pc-lancs.gov.uk