Children’s Playground

All the construction work for the three phases has been completed. The children of the area have been introduced to our new play equipment, and it is proving to be very popular.

The formal opening ceremony, for adults, will be delayed until next Spring, because there is a fabulous landscaping scheme to be implemented during the Autumn, and we want to let the area recover, before we display it to visitors.

We are indebted to Mr Paul Holgate for arranging for this very imaginative scheme, and for agreeing to put up the cost. The Parish Council hopes to be able to contribute to the cost, but that will largely depend on availability of funds.

And let us not forget to mention the hard work and dedication of that band of mums (and dads, etc) who formed the Action for Silverdale Children Trust. Without their determination we wouldn’t have a new playground at all….. thank you!

Library extension

Unfortunately there is not much to report since the last newsletter. There seems to be some difficulty in maintaining security for Bleasdale House School. Nevertheless, we are sure that these problems can be overcome, in the end.

New Charity

Experience gained from the Playground project has indicated that the Parish Council will be severely hampered by not having a registered charity to attract grant-aid for future projects, particularly the extension to the Library. The Council has given approval to the formation of the Silverdale Parish Plan Development Trust, but we are delaying action on registration, pending the outcome of a similar project, at Arnside (where Peter is also the Clerk). There is currently an impasse between the Council and the Charity Commission, regarding eligibility for trusteeship, having regard to the terms of various conveyances and deeds of trust. Once this matter has been resolved, we shall have a better insight as to how we should proceed.

Your Councillors

If you feel the need, or desire, to contact any of our Councillors, please feel free to telephone any of them. Their names and telephone numbers (all preceded by 01524) are:

Chairman Peter Roberts 702315
Vice Chairman Tony Houghton 701416
John Burrow 702784
John Eden 701678
Bernard Fryer 701734
Arthur Graves 701284
June Greenwell 701610
Ralph Henderson 761594
Or, the Clerk, Peter Challenor, on:

01524-761824, or clerk@silverdale-pc-lancs.gov.uk