Annual Newsletter and Chairman’s Report to the Parish Meeting

In my first year as your Chairman of Silverdale Parish Council I would like to present my report on the Council for the year 2004-2005.I will start by briefly outlining how the Parish Council works, and the role of the Councillors, and then describe some of the activities it was involved with during the year.

Parish Council

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government and plays a vital role in representing the interests of the local community. Silverdale Parish Council comprises of eight democratically elected Councillors who signed Formal Declarations of Acceptance and Office. In addition to attending the council meetings each month, most Councillors are also involved in representing Silverdale in other forums and meetings. The Parish Council receives Reports from our Community PC John Bassinder and our District and County Councillor Sarah Fishwick. Over the past year the Council dealt with over 300 items of Correspondence. It also commented on over 30 Planning Applications, agreed various Contracts of Work, as well as discussing issues raised by parishioners. The Agenda and Minutes of the Council are displayed on the Notice Board outside the Gaskell Hall. In addition the minutes are published in the Parish Magazine, and are found on the web site.(http://www.silverdale-pc-lancs.gov.uk/). The Parish Council is currently working towards becoming a Quality Status Council as encouraged by national government, and hope this can be achieved during 2005.In January 2005 we appointed a Deputy Clerk, Sue Hayward, who will provide valuable cover and support to the Clerk and the Parish Council.

Parish Plan

Following the publishing of our Parish Plan, progress has been made in the last year by all the various action groups involved. The Transport group has been looking at Road Safety issues and the provision of car parking, whilst the Village Centre group is still working on Library premises. The Sport and Recreational group have managed to establish additional sporting activities within the village which has been well received, while the Countryside group have been highlighting concerns which need to be addressed. A good example is Dog Fouling.

The Action for Silverdale Children group has made tremendous progress during the past year. Councillor June Greenwell and our Parish Clerk Peter Challenor have worked extremely closely and positively with the group of parents helping them establish themselves as a Trust (ASCT). They raised funds and started applying for grants to purchase play equipment for the children of the village. Monies from Defra and others has enabled Phase 1(play facilities for younger children) to be completed, with work on Phases 2 and 3(facilities for Older Children) commencing later this month.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council considered over 30 planning applications and made comments to Lancaster City Council. There has been a few which merit particular mention:-

Hazlewood Hall, Hollins Lane. We did object to this development on the grounds that we did not support a new access road, and that the new car park was to be located partly on limestone pavement, and in a conspicuous position. Our views were taken into account and those proposals withdrawn, so we were then pleased to support the revised planning application.

Waterslack Garden Centre. We discussed these proposals and some elements caused concern and we raised some objections. The new proprietor resubmitted plans and we hope that it becomes a valuable asset for our community.

Whinney Fold. This application concerned the affordable housing units built behind Knowe Hill farm on Shore Road. We took steps in trying to ensure that priority was given to those residents of Silverdale who would qualify for such housing. After some initial problems of access we are pleased with the development.


During the early part of last year we decided to withdraw from the Parish Lengthsman Scheme following problems of working arrangements. In July 2004 we appointed Phil Hargreaves as our local Parish Contractor and this has proved satisfactory, as have our other local contractors who undertake grass cutting around the village.


We continued to raise concerns relating to the Level Crossing and near accidents on the Railway Line, and brought them to the attention of Network Rail and the British Transport Police. During the last year we also contacted the Train Operators about changes to the Timetable, and the need for all trains to stop at Silverdale Station. Our local MP Geraldine Smith has also raised these concerns with the Transport Minister, alas yet to no avail. We are pleased that Carnforth Connect introduced a limited Sunday bus service, stopping at various places of interest within the AONB area. It

has proved popular with both visitors to the RSPB and walkers alike who can ‘Hail and Ride’ using the Limestone Line bus service.

Community Working

In June 2004 we formalised arrangements of working with our local police service and Police and Communities Together (PACT) was formed, in which policing priorities were jointly agreed within our area. Our local Community PC- John Bassinder works closely with the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Watch in the village. John also provides a regular meeting opportunity with parishioners on Wednesday mornings on the Royal Car Park, which is appreciated.

During the year we also worked closely with the AONB and our neighbouring villages in promoting the area.

Following the terrible rain and gales in January, with the loss of electricity supply it was good to see how neighbours helped one another. That community spirit tends to sum up our village of Silverdale which is a great place in which to live and a place for all of us to enjoy.

Peter Roberts


Report to the Annual Parish Meeting on 21st March 2005.

The following Statement of Accounts, under Section 1 of the Annual Return for 2003-2004, has been approved by the External Auditor, and the Audit completed without comment.

31st March 2003 31st March 2004

Balance brought forward 11174 14322

Annual Precept 8995 9893

Total other receipts 3040 1400

Staff costs 2857 3049

Loan/interest capital repayments nil nil

Total other payments 6030 9839

Balances brought forward 14322 12727

Total cash & investments 14322 12727

Total fixed assets 31668 37157

Total borrowings nil nil


Our budget for the current year (2004-2005) is/was:

PART 1 Budget (precept-related):

Our budget for the current year (2004-2005) is/was:

PART 1 Budget (precept-related):

Part 1 - Budget
PART 2 – Reserve funds

Dedicated Reserve Funds at 31st March 2004

Playing Field £8,000

Clerk’s Retirement Gratuity £ 280

Donation to AONB for 2003-2004 £ 500

Training and associated costs £ 200

Non-dedicated Reserve Funds at 31st March 2004

General Contingency £3,747

(End of year cash balance, less Dedicated Reserves)


Comments on Current Financial Position:

1. At the time of compiling this report the balances of the bank accounts, with the Alliance & Leicester are: Deposit Account = £5,603.79, Current Account = £ 1,154.43, to which should be added a VAT Refund (£1,509.54 claimed). The end-of-year balance is therefore expected to be £8,267.76. This balance is after having spent £7,909 of the £8,000 allowed in the Part 2 Budget on Phase 1 of the Playground project (net of VAT).

2. We have claimed £1,424.40 of the £28,257.00, from DEFRA. The former sum is for Development Costs and reflects the hard work devoted by the voluntary efforts of “Action for Silverdale Children Trust” and Members of the Parish Council. The overall grant from DEFRA will represent 94.96% of the total costs of £29,757.00 for Phase 2. A grant of £25,000 from “Living Spaces” is intended to cover the cost of Phases 1 & 3, which will release the combined payments already made by the Council and ASCT for boundary/entrance works, and possibly some of the cost of Phase 4. Whilst these grants are extremely welcome, the income and expenditure account, during the coming year, will be somewhat distorted. It will also lead to a significantly higher audit fee, and undoubtedly our insurance renewal fee will increase.

3. A cost saving has been achieved by withdrawing from the Parish Lengthsman scheme and we now enjoy the services of Phil Hargreaves, as the Parish Contractor. The savings have enabled us to employ Sue Hayward as Deputy Clerk, and I am personally very grateful for her assistance, and thankful to your Council for making the appointment.

4. I believe that the Precept for 2005-2006 of £15,517.96, plus the balance carried forward, should be sufficient to enable the Members to provide the level of service which you would properly expect of your Council.

Peter G. Challenor

Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer.

9 March 2005

The Parish Council comprises the following eight Councillors:

P. (Peter) Roberts 01524 – 702315 (Chairman)
A.J. (Tony) Houghton 01524 – 701416 (Vice-Chairman)
J.A. (John) Burrow 01524 – 702784
C.J. (John) Eden 01524 – 701678
T.B. (Bernard) Fryer 01524 – 701734
A.W. (Arthur) Graves 01524 – 701284
J. (June) Greenwell 01524 – 701610
R.M. (Ralph) Henderson 01524 – 761594

The Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer of the Council is:

The Clerk to Silverdale Parish Council

Peter G. Challenor, 01524 – 761824 clerk@silverdale-pc-lancs.gov.uk

Tanglewood, New Barns Close, Arnside, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 0BL.

The Deputy Clerk / Deputy Responsible Financial Officer is:

Susan (Sue) D. Hayward 01524 – 762254 sdhayward@tiscali.co.uk


All meetings of the Parish Council are open to the public and press, except for those (very rare) occasions when it is deemed to be appropriate to exclude the public and press, by a Resolution in accordance with Standing Orders.

Ordinary Meetings of the Council are usually held on the first Monday of each month, except when this coincides with a public holiday. Unless otherwise stated, the Ordinary Meetings are held in the Silverdale Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale, commencing at 7.30pm.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting is held on the first Monday in May, except where it coincides with a public holiday. In the year of an election (every four years) the Annual Parish Council Meeting is held on the fourth day following the day of election, or within fourteen days thereafter.

The Annual Parish Meeting (not to be confused with the Annual Parish Council Meeting) is usually held in March, although it can be held at any time between 1st March and 1st June. In the interests of clarity, this meeting is often called “The Parish Assembly”, as it involves a coming-together of many factions of the community. Because of the large, and sometimes vociferous, involvement of the public, this meeting is usually held in the Gaskell Memorial Hall, Emesgate Lane, Silverdale.


There is currently a Parish Council noticeboard fixed to a wall of the Gaskell Memorial Hall. This gives at least three clear days notice, and the agenda, for any forthcoming meeting of the Parish Council, and at least seven clear days notice of the Annual Parish Meeting. It also displays the unconfirmed Minutes of the previous meeting.