Parish Jottings, April 2024 — Cllr John Bennett

Public toilet refurbishment update: The consultation period for the planning application has now expired. We understand that a planning decision could be received by the end of April. We are continuing to discuss with Lancaster City Council the situation regarding the communal wastewater system, to which the toilets are connected.

Highway maintenance: County Councillor Williamson has now put forward the condition of Nineteen Acre Lane, Yealand, for consideration under the Deterioration Fund. In addition, we have now asked for the condition of Storrs Lane from Yealand to the RSPB also to be considered.

Silverdale Shore car parking: The Parish Council has decided to oppose the retrospective application for a pole-mounted light, camera and associated cabinet due to material inaccuracies and omissions in the application. We consider that the 5m pole is too obtrusive and is an urban structure, unsuitable for this rural setting. Councillors also agreed to follow up on the deposition of rocks on the shore and to check that this matter has been raised officially as a concern with Lancaster City Council Planning Department.

Defibrillators: Two defibrillators which are no longer being used by the First Responders have now been installed in the Woodlands Hotel and at the Village Institute. We are also looking to find a suitable location for a third defibrillator in the area at the top of Stankelt Road / The Green.

Green Energy for Heating initiative: We have agreed to participate in a beta project with Electricity North West to explore supplying a cluster of homes from a communal ground source heat pump system. The location is yet to be confirmed.

Next meeting: The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 7 May 2024 at 7pm at the Village Institute. Members of the public are welcome to attend.